Hens wisdom…

Saggezza gallinara…

Singing hen made the egg.
Hen that doesn’t pick has already picked.
Old chicken makes good soup.

Probably is the same in inglisc… don’t care… 🙂
The hens used to play an important role in everyday life, you could even rely on these remarkable pearls of wisdom… But let’s go into detail… Singing hen made the egg: We are in a company of friends, one of us emits a silent fart (wow what elegance!). This proverb tells us that usually the first one who says “Oh my god that stinks, who made a fart?” he is the one who did it…
Hen that doesn’t pick has already picked: If someone is not interested in something, it is perhaps because that something has already achieved. Useful to understand the psychology of people… Old chicken makes good soup: Here the value of experience is enhanced, and not just for food purposes…

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