Listen to an idiot

Ascolta un cretino

Why? You may be wondering… subtle expression that is apparently contradictory as an elementary example of the use of first-class petty psychology (even psychology when it’s petty can be first-class). It is a rhetorical game as simple as it is effective: making your debut with “listen to an idiot” puts our interlocutor in an uncomfortable position, and can generate a dialectical advantage. In general, it is not good to say “idiot” to the one with whom we are having a conversation, even if he himself affirms it.
So the first reaction most of the time (but not always) is to think “no, you’re not an idiot”.
Also because accepting that the person who is speaking to us is an idiot, means saying that we are wasting time.
And this is never easy to accept, even if it is true.
Done! Those who say “listen to me, I’m an idiot” receive (without asking) an unconscious appreciation, which puts your opinion in a tendentially positive light. Ahhhhh the dialectic…..

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