But where do you come from? From the Soap Mountain?

Ma dando vieni? Dalla montagna del sapone?

Interesting story … it was said in Rome in the once upon old times. “To eat the soap” that is, making bubbles from the mouth. Bubbles = Air (scented by the way). Lack of consistency. To say nonsense. Flatter. Cheat.
And so it happened that, during Fascism, the Duce, engaged in diligent movements of entire neighborhoods, promised new and sparkling houses to the evacuees, built in the hilly village of Primavalle.
This valiant Roman neighborhood, a little higher than usual than the rest, earned the nickname of “soap mountain”, due to the scam with which the jaw-dropping dictator had deceived them. So … those who come from the soap mountain are naive, a little gullible, and more generally an unaware victim (at least at first since the Primavallesi soon realized how empty they were, as always, the words of politicians).

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