Beautiful on all wheels

Bella/o su tutte le rote

A compliment full of style! The reference is to the lottery wheel. In fact, each “important” city has its own specific wheel of fortune and therefore its own lottery. Fate has always been linked to beauty and love, in a visceral constant interweaving throughout our lives. Sometimes luck in the game does not go hand in hand with love (lucky in the game, bad lucky in love) and at the same time it is said that the graces of the blindfolded goddess do not discriminate (luck is blind).
It is an ancestral plot that after centuries of close relationship, playing a first-rate role within life, comes to remind us that a woman or a man can be beautiful on all the wheels, therefore in every city, wherever they are they fear no comparison.
Where the wheel turns, beauty can remain an irrefutable fact, although subjectively speaking.

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